Kris, I want you to know what a pleasure it has been to work with you these 20 years. Starting with your dad, your office has always stood out from the pack. When you first started in practice, I was impressed with the effort you put into treatment planning. You have always known where you were going with a case before you pulled the trigger. Kris, with the way you approach your work, you make us all look good! Best wishes on your first 20 years!

Gerry McCann, DDS, Endodontics NW

Kris and I met about 20 years ago when we both found ourselves associates in established practices here in Bellevue. Kris with his father, Richard Swanson in restorative dentistry, and myself, with Harley Sullivan in periodontics. It was immediately apparent that Kris wanted to know everything there was to know about dentistry. We started out with monthly lunch meetings with the four of us pouring over patients' charts, reviewing treatment plans, discussing the merits of different occlusal schemes, and all options possible for a particular situation. Kris' enthusiasm for helping people, through doing the best dentistry available, was and is his guiding principle.

Kris would ask questions about everything. I think in his mind there is always a nuance, or possible point of view to be taken into consideration from which he might learn. I remember one time he was working on my wife doing an inlay. He called in the middle of the procedure, of course, to discuss extending the prep into a groove, or including a cusp in the restoration. Of course, I was useless as far as giving advice on this one. What I can tell you is that over the years I have learned more from Kris than I could possibly have taught him. His tenacity and drive to do the right thing and the best thing has set a very high bar for his colleagues. I am a better dentist and a better person for my association with Kris. It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to have been in his world for these past 20 years.

Will Fernyhough, DDS, Fernyhough Periodontics

I have had the pleasure of getting to know the fabulous Swanson dental team over the course of a third of a century! And with that team I have come to appreciate the highest levels of dental professionalism. This even includes the 5,000 reminders from Kathy and Liz to floss more, which were directed precisely at me, a stubborn Norwegian. Dr. Richard has kept my teeth spit-spot and skillfully filled my mouth with silver that has lasted 25-plus years, meanwhile Dr. Kris patiently awaits the crowns that are forthcoming. However, I have witnessed Dr. Kris grumble about the fact that his father's quality work has delayed future business with me. I must acknowledge Dr. Richard as my personal health hero and Dr. Kris for following in his footsteps both as fastidious and talented medical professionals in the care of themselves and others. As the baton is completely passed from father to son (re: my care), I believe I couldn't be in better hands.

Dean K., Patient

We estimate about 120 cleaning, exams, surgeries, and who remembers what else over the years since you have been our dentist. Thanks for bringing great smiles to our faces, not only with your great care, but also by being a good guy and someone we look forward to seeing. Keep up the good work. You're a gem.

Jeff L., Patient

I believe my teeth have only been drilled, cleaned, filled, or pulled by either you or your dad. So thank you for all these years of wonderful dental care. And thank you for taking care of my wife and children's teeth as well. I don't have any funny stories regarding the 20-plus years you've spent peering into my mouth. You might be chuckling behind the door when you are taking out a 35-year-old filling done by your dad, I'm not sure. I am grateful for not having anything funny or odd or sad to say regarding my teeth and you. I have only wonderful dental care and a great dentist who is tops at what he does and a great support staff who makes my visits pleasant and somewhat pain free. So thanks again for keeping my family and myself smiling and healthy.

Dave C., Patient

Those who have integrity, like my friend Kris Swanson, possess one of the most respected virtues in all of life. Kris stands out in our community as a person of his word and convictions, something that I admire greatly. Over many years, sharing many wonderful patients, Kris’ faithfulness and diligence at work is a testament to his calling and it is my pleasure to know him and call him my friend.

Sam Lake, DDS

My first memories of you were back in your old, dated, office and I am happy to say that you and your staff still greet me like a brand-new special patient. You have done a wonderful job with your entire dental practice! Because it bears your name I know it is all a reflection of you. I appreciate your staff with their smiling, pleasant personalities, the TLC, and excellent dental care or scheduling/bookkeeping care they provide. Your office is beautiful and it is great to be looking out at Mount Rainier or escape from the procedure and watch TV.

As far as a particular memory, the one that comes to mind was a few years ago. My brother and his wife, Mary, were visiting us for the first time in 11 years from Michigan and she had a crown come off and needed a dentist. It happened on a Friday or a Saturday, so I remember you had to squeeze and work her in. I appreciated the way you were so accommodating and helpful. Mary can be difficult and critical and I can see her as a hard-to-please patient. You and your staff were awesome. She was impressed with you and your office and all the latest and greatest details you have. It relieved me to know that she was in your care and that it all added to their smooth visit with us.

In closing, thank you and congratulations on 20 years of practice and not having gray hair!!! We all like coming to see our dentist… YOU.

God bless you and all you do,

Janet L.